Cambridge Re-Use creates the opportunity for individuals from a wide range of lifestyle and experience to come together as a team to deliver our service

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This is our community in action, making a difference, a diverse team that spans all ages, genders and reasons for volunteering

We have mums and dads, we have people with health issues, with learning disabilities, people wanting employment, students of life, professionals and (those not easily) retired

See What our Volunteers say
It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in recent years. What some would see as a day's work has proved to be pure enjoyment, working and meeting interesting people, I thoroughly recommend it
Working as a volunteer I get to meet more people and its good seeing people get the help they need

Transforming Homes Changing Lives

Volunteering gives me a reason to get up in the morning; also I don't feel useless because I can't work fulltime, so I feel better in myself. As a new volunteer it seems like there is a good atmosphere and you're left to get on with whatever you are doing
Volunteering at Cambridge Re-Use provides a positive distraction from the daily struggle that is modern life. It's good to share some time and space with a group of people I feel comfortable with
To describe volunteering at Cambridge Re-Use is easy it's brilliant, groovy, excellent and perfect
Cambridge Re-Use has helped me by giving me the opportunity to volunteer flexible hours and days, offering a low stress environment where I can volunteer when I am well enough to without pressure. Cambridge Re-Use has helped me, the staff and other volunteers, to build up my self-confidence and become more outgoing. I like that everyone is friendly and it is like a big family! Cambridge Re-Use gives me a purpose in life, a chance to stimulate my mind and build up my skills, as well as giving me a chance to help others behind the scenes. Cara and Jake understand that if there is a task I find stressful, they give it to somebody else and give me work without urgent deadlines. Thank You Cambridge Re-Use