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The Co-op Local Community Fund

We are proud of our dedicated and diverse volunteer team; retired people to students to people with all kinds of health issues, and single mums and people looking to get back into employment

Our service helps families on low income to make a house their home

Helping people and families struggling financially

Our prices for members are about HALF that in other charity shops and we have a large collection of household furniture

Prices for non members are comparable to other charity shops in the area

We are a volunteer based charity and we need more Volunteers

Call us now (01223) 576 535
My mother who is 86yrs old, finds this a really good shopping experience. Love the staff and the friendly helpful service, and the patience the staff have for her
Cambridge Re-Use. Helping people on low incomes to furnish their homes
The amazing staff and helpful attitude has helped me so much! Made my life worth living again after a terrible time. Can't thank them enough!
When the children need furniture, I know I can come here without saving to buy new expensive stuff
Saves us having to get stressed and worried about needing money for things for the children. Things that usually cost an extreme amount of money new
Always go out with smile on our faces! Great items at reasonable prices, love coming here