Cambridge Re-Use

Cambridge Re-Use is a registered charity

carrying forward the good work of Cambridge Sofa

Cambridge Sofa was established in 1988

Opening times

Monday to Friday

09.00am to 4.30pm

and Saturday

10.00am to 3.00pm

Cambridge Re-Use

Volunteer Van Drivers Wanted. Need experience of 3.5t Luton box van or bigger. Doesn't need to be able to lift but would be an advantage as will be working with 2 Van Crew!

Please can you visit store if interested or ring on 01223 576535

If you are trying to furnish your home on a low income then, we can offer you furniture, electrical appliances and other household goods at a low cost

Cambridge Re-Use is a volunteer based service helping people on low income to furnish their homes

The generosity of our donors and a dedicated team of volunteers enables our service to help hundreds of people on low income every year

Our store is open to households on a low income. As a single person you can earn up to £18,000 and couples up to £23,000

Our volunteer van crews are out collecting all year round

We collect good quality furniture and household goods

We receive donations of all shapes and sizes, mostly of furniture and electrical goods

Recently, amongst various smaller items, we noticed a framed school photograph dated 1936, showing all the pupils and staff of the Central Girls’ High School in Newcastle upon Tyne

Chairman Alan Oswald, who was brought up in Newcastle, was quick to deny that he had any detailed knowledge of this girls’ school, but was keen to ensure that the school itself had the opportunity have the photo

After many e-mails back and forth, the school realised that it did not have a copy of this photo, and were pleased to accept it as a gift from Cambridge Re-Use

As their Librarian said We are delighted – this is an important addition to our archive